How do I Create Custom Views in the Emails App?

Updated on December 20, 2022 08:34PM by Admin

With Apptivo, you can create a custom view and filter emails by specifying the sender, date, recipients, subject, and many other factors. After filtering, you can save them as a view and access them anytime you need. The created view will be refreshed regularly for future emails as well, allowing you to monitor each mail.

Steps to create:

  • Log in and access the Emails App from the universal navigation menu bar.
  • Custom views can be created using two ways, you can use any either way:

Advanced Search:

  • Click on the Advance search down arrow in the simple search field at the app header bar.
Emails - Advanced Search

My View + :

  • On the Emails page, scroll down and click the “+” icon beside My Views as shown below.
Emails - + Icon
  • The Create View window comes into the display. Here, enter the values as per your preferences:
    • Search In: Select the app you want to filter the emails from.
    • Has the word: By specifying the word, the emails containing the words will be shown.
    • To: You can specify any recipient’s email address.
    • From: You can specify any sender’s mail address.
    • Subject: The emails will be displayed based on the provided Email Subject.
    • Message: The emails will be displayed based on the specified Email Message.
    • Tags: Perform the search by selecting the tags.
    • Status: Define the status of the email like sent, received, or draft.
    • Date Within: Displays all the emails that are sent or received within the specified date.
Email - Search icon
  • Let’s try filtering the emails that I have received from my employee’s mail ID. Click on the Search icon.
Email - Search Icon
  • Here, all the emails received from the provided email will be displayed as per the applied filter. Now, you can create a view of these emails by clicking on the Save as View button.
Email - Save as View
  • On the Save as View pop-up, give the Name of the view, and click on the Save button.
Email - View Name
  • Now you can see the filtered emails from the created view in the left panel. The created view will be updated regularly from now on.
  • The created views are also editable and removable whenever you need them, using the Edit and Delete icons.
Email - Final View SS

Note: The created view gets frequently updated, and it will include all current and future emails.