How the event information can be collected on the Attendees' overview page?

Updated on November 20, 2022 09:51PM by Admin

The events that your employees, contacts, or teams attend will now be collected on their respective overview pages, and keep track of their activities from time to time. Sometimes it’ll become a handful to analyze each and every event and attendee. Therefore, if you need to check the events attended by any of your contacts, employees, or teams, you could just go to their record and get the list of events they’ve attended by using the calendar tab.

  • Consider adding an event to the calendar with each participant from employees, teams, and contacts app.
Cal - Events Created
  • Now the event details will be recorded under the attendees' overview page, let’s check the employee Rose Jensen’s overview page:
Employees - Rose Cal
  • As well as on the Team’s overview page:
Teams - Team Cal
  • And finally on the contact Anna Jake’s overview page as she’s one of the attendees:
Contacts - Anna Cal