How do I Customize Data Level Access in the Orders App?

Updated on November 20, 2022 09:35PM by Admin

The Order’s access level is an additional layer of security over the access roles provided to the employees. Enabling this setting will restrict access to individual orders, based on whether the current user is the sales rep to that order, or whether they manage an employee assigned to that order. This access level can be set to any one of the following two options:

  • All - Allows all employees in your business to access all orders, as long as they have access to the Orders App.
  • Employees - Allows employees to access the orders assigned to them only. Additionally, if you want certain employees and teams to access the orders, even though they are not assigned to them, they can be added under the “Exceptions”.

Note: Those employees added under the Exceptions, should be given the privilege to access the Orders App. Only then, they can view the orders without being a Sales Rep.

Steps to configure Access Level:

  • Log in and access the Orders App from the universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select Settings from the App header.
Orders - Settings
  • On the settings page, go to Security → Access Level. This will display the Orders Access Level. Here you can customize your data access permission.
Orders - Access Level Sec
  • By default, the access is set to view ”All” and edit “All”. Everyone who has access to the Orders App can view and edit all the records.

For instance: When access is given to Employees:

  • If the View access is given as Employees, then the record can be viewed only by the Sales Rep of the order.
  • If the Edit access is given as Employees, then the record can be edited only by the Sales Rep of the order.
Orders - Access Emp
  • For example: Consider an Order’s Sales Rep is an employee named, Rose Jensen.
Orders - Sales Rep Rose
  • Now, when another employee, Larry Warran who doesn’t have access to that record tries to view it. He would not have access as the Order is assigned to another Employee.
Orders - Larry Orders
  • In both cases, the Managers of the Employee can also View and Edit the records.

For instance: When Exceptions are added

  • Apart from specific employees, you can provide access to other users by enabling the Exception toggle. [May be your Sales Manager or General Manager]
Orders - Exception Added
  • After enabling, you can add other users by clicking on the "+" icon. It can be either employees or teams.
For Instance: Larry Warran is added under Exceptions. When he tries to navigate the Orders App, he will have access to view all the records.

Orders - All Records Larry

  • Along with this, he can also edit the records. Below, the order is assigned to Rose Jensen, but Larry Warran has access to edit it.
Orders - Final SS