How to remove the Apptivo add-on from Gmail?

Updated on November 11, 2022 05:01AM by Admin

Add-ons are one of the great ways to provide extra functionality and allow you to be extra productive with your business. Apptivo offers you add-ons for Gmail, you could get them from the google marketplace with ease. With the Apptivo Add-on for Gmail, you can view and create Contacts, Customers, Leads, Suppliers, Cases, and Opportunities. You can also Associate emails with Apptivo. Each time you open an email, your Gmail add-on will appear on the right. To remove the Apptivo add-on from Gmail, adhere to the given steps.

Steps to remove:

  • Log into your Gmail and click on the Google Apps icon. Scroll down to the end and click on “More from Google Workspace Marketplace”.
Google - Google Apps
  • You’ll be prompted to the marketplace, there search for Apptivo by using the Search bar.
  • You could see the Apptivo add-on installed from the search results and click on the Apptivo app.
Google - Apptivo Search Result
  • Now the Apptivo for Gmail overview page will be displayed and click on the Uninstall button as shown below.
Google - Uninstall
  • You’ll get the confirmation pop-up asking whether you want to remove the Add-on. Click Uninstall App to remove the Apptivo Add-on.
Google - Uninstall App
  • There you have the Apptivo add-on removed from your Gmail.
  • You can install the add-on whenever you want by using the Install button.
Google - Install

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