How to use custom conversion in the Purchase Orders App?

Updated on July 27, 2022 07:15AM by Admin

Purchase Orders App allows you to convert the purchase orders to Supplier Payments, Supplier Invoices, and Cases directly from the purchase orders app. By using Conversion, you can convert the purchase orders to another app and with the mapping of the attributes from purchase orders to the other attributes.

Let's consider converting purchase orders to Supplier Invoices with the custom attribute mapping.

Steps to convert:

  • Log in and access the Purchase Orders App from the Universal Menu.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select Settings.
PO - Settings
  • Click on the Purchase Orders from the left panel and select Conversion.
  • You can view the Supplier Payments, Supplier Invoices, and Cases with the Enabled toggle and Mapping button.
PO - Conversion
  • With the Allow Multiple Times enabled, you can allow converting the records multiple times. i.e You can also convert the Purchase Orders that are already converted.
  • Click on the Mapping button in the Supplier Invoices.
PO - Mapping
  • In the Supplier Invoices Mapping Fields, you can able to associate the Tasks, Events, Emails, Notes, and Call Logs by enabling the toggle for the selected supplier invoices.
PO - Collab Tools
  • Here, Map the Mandatory fields of the supplier invoices app with the Purchase orders App by using the Select Attribute Dropdown.
  • Click on the Update to save the changes.
PO - Update
  • You can view the changes on the Purchase Orders page and click on the Convert To Supplier Invoices.
PO - Convert
  • You can view the supply invoices app attributes auto-populated with the value that is mapped in the Purchase Orders app.
Supp - Converted PO