How to filter based on “Assigned To” in the Leads App?

Updated on July 19, 2022 07:22AM by Admin

The Leads App in Apptivo ensures complete information on all the leads handled across Apptivo. You can filter the leads based on the Employees to whom the leads are assigned.

  • Log in and access the Leads App from the Universal navigation menu bar.
  • Here, select Show All from the left pane. You can see all the leads assigned to different Employees in your Organization in Table View.
Leads - Show All
  • There is a filter to view the leads based on the “Assigned To” Employees. Click on the Filter icon.
Leads - Filter icon

Here, you can perform different actions:

  • Select all Employees
  • Select a particular Employee
Leads - Apply

Case 1: Select all Employees

When you select all Employees, you can see the leads associated with all the Employees in your business.

Leads - All

Case 2: Select a particular Employee

On selecting a particular Employee, you can see only the leads associated with a particular Employee.

Leads - Rose Jensen