How to set the criteria as per the accounting year?

Updated on May 10, 2022 07:33AM by Admin

Apptivo allows you to create your own accounting calendar as per your business guidelines. Maintaining your own accounting calendar defines the beginning and end of the fiscal year of your business or company. Not only that, the accounting calendar that you’ve created will be available in all the reports and other features, which has time as the criteria. Let’s consider creating an accounting year and adding it to one of the reports or charts.

Steps to set the criteria as per the accounting year:

  • In order to create a new accounting calendar, access the Ledger app from the universal navigation menu bar.
  • Go to Settings → Ledger → Calendar in the Ledger App and click on the Create button.
  • In the Create Calendar side panel, add the Name and Description for your calendar.
  • You can configure the start date and the remaining period will be created automatically. Click on the Create button.
Ledger - Cal Created
  • After creating the new calendar, Go to Settings → Ledger → Legal Entities in the Ledger App. Click on the legal entity whose calendar has to be updated.
Ledger - Legal Entity Created

Note: In order to apply the created accounting calendar, go to Business Settings → General → Calendar and select Accounting Calendar.

Business Settings - Acc Calendar

  • For instance, let’s consider creating an event-based trigger which executes, based on the created accounting year in the opportunities app.
  • Go to Settings → Opportunities → Triggers → Event-based Trigger and click on the Create button.
Opportunities - EBT Create
  • Give the Name of the trigger and define the criteria. Click on the Add button to add the action of the trigger.
  • Here, the accounting calendar begins from march 2022 to april 2023, therefore, the system will consider the current year as march 2022 to april 2023 in the criteria.
Opportunities - Criteria
  • Here, I have configured the Criteria as today’s date is Current - Year. Here, I have selected the action Update Attribute. Therefore, when the opportunity today’s date is current year then the tags attribute will get updated as “Essential”. Click on the Create button.
Opportunities - UA Create
  • After setting the action click on the Create button.
Opportunities - EBT Created
  • Therefore, the opportunities that are created which has today’s date as current year, will be tagged as Essential as shown below.
Opportunities - Final Tag Ess