How do I Create Custom Views in Employees App?

Updated on May 6, 2022 08:27AM by Admin

The Employees app of Apptivo enables you to create a custom view depending on certain criteria and view selective employees. By this, you can easily filter out particular employees and only view the employees that fall within your prerequisites.

Steps to create a custom view in the Employees App:

  • Log into your Apptivo account and navigate to the Employees app.
  • On the employees page, scroll down and select the + icon beside My views as shown below.
Employees - My Views
  • The Create View window comes into view. Here enter the following details:
    • Employee ID - ID number of the employee.
    • First Name - First name of the employee.
    • Last Name - Last Name of the employee.
    • Email - Email address of the employee.
    • Date of Joining - joining date of the employee.
    • Manager - manager’s name of the employee.
    • Department - Department of the employee.
    • Enable App Access - Select whether to give the app access to the employee.
    • Tag - select the employee based on the tags.
    • Commission rate - Commission rate of the employee.
  • You can also create the view by providing Additional Information, Contact Information, and Address Information.
  • Here, I want to create the view which gives the list of employees whose manager is Sarah Castro.
Employees - Sarah Castro
  • Click on the Search icon.
Employees - Search icon
  • The results will appear and here you can create the view of these employees by clicking on the Save as View button.
Employees - SAV
  • Save as View pop-up will appear, give the Name of the view and you can share the view with others by enabling the toggle. Click on the Save button.
Employees - Name of View
  • Now the created view is available in the left panel. Click on it to view the records that match the criteria.
  • You can edit or delete the created view by clicking on the Edit and Delete icons.
Employees - Edit and Delete