How to generate a report for the credits list by source in the credit notes app?

Updated on April 7, 2022 07:00AM by Admin

The Credit Notes App makes it simple to keep track of customers and interacts with existing payments. A note can be made for a credit purchase, an overpayment, or a product return. It allows you to generate the default report based on the credit notes activities, and lists, by customers, by type, and by source.

Steps to generate a report:

  • Log in and access the Credit Notes App from the universal menu.
  • Click on the Reports on the App header.
Credit-Notes-Reports icon
  • Under the Reports, you can view the Credits List by Source which is under the General dropdown.
Credit-Notes-By Source
  • On the Create Lists by Source page, enter the following information:
    • Source: Select the source of the Credit Note.
    • Customer: Give the customer's name.
    • Created From: Give the created from date.
    • Created To: Give the created to date.
  • For instance, I want to generate a report on the Source type Invoice.
  • Click on the View Report button.
Credit-Notes-BS View Report
  • The reports will be generated as shown below.
  • You can also export the reports in .CSV format by clicking on the Export button.
  • You can view the report in two ways :
    • All Fields: Displays all the fields present in the list.
    • Current view: Displays only the fields present in the Current Layout.
Credit-Notes-Export BS
  • The report of All Fields option. Here, you can view all the fields present in this list in the CSV format.
Desktop-All Fields BS
  • The report of the Current View. Here, you can view the fields present in the current layout in CSV format.
Desktop-Current View