How to set the Approval flow in Invoices App?

Updated on March 29, 2022 11:08PM by Admin

Invoice Approval is very critical for healthy business practices. Approval flow helps you to make sure there will be no mistakes or incorrect payments, catch errors from manual data entry, and prevents fraud. You can send your invoices for approval by creating an approval flow. Approval flow allows Managers to keep track of the invoices and ensure that a particular invoice is moved to the next step only after approval.

Steps to set the Approval flow:

  • Log in and access the Invoices app from the universal navigation bar.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select Settings.
Invoice - Settings
  • On the settings page, go to Work Flow → Approval Flows.
  • Enable the approval toggle and click on the Create button.
Invoice - AF Create
  • Enter the following details:
    • Name: Create a Name for the Approval flow.
    • Description: Give a description of the flow.
    • Priority Score: Priority Score of the Approval Flow. In the case of multiple approval flows with the same condition, based on the priority score, the approval flow will get executed.
    • Criteria: In the condition field, add the instance during which the approval request has to be generated.
  • You can see that the condition here is to generate a request for approval flow if the Invoice customer is Albina Glick.
Invoices - Criteria
  • Approval Flow: In this field, choose who can approve the Invoices.

Invoices App offers Four types of Approval flows:

  • Employee’s managers based on the spent limit
    • You can send the invoices for approval if the spent limit exceeds the given value.
  • Employee’s managers with a job title
    • You can send the invoices for approval only to the Managers with a selected job title.
  • Employee’s managers up to a certain number of levels
    • You can send the invoices for approval only to Managers with mentioned levels.
  • Custom list of employees
    • You can create a list and send the invoices to the employees for approval. You can also create a sequential order for employees for approval.
  • Here, I have chosen the “custom list of employees” “with anyone on the list” where the invoice will be sent to any of the two employees.
Approval Flow
  • Actions: Invoices App enables you to decide the action to be taken when an invoice is submitted, approved, or declined. For each action, you can either send an email or update the attribute for the invoice.
Invoice - On Submit

Send an Email

  • On selecting send an email, you can see the create external email page where you can add the From and To address along with the template.
Invoice - Email on Submit
  • You can see the created email on Actions. Here, you can edit or delete the email.
Invoice - On submit edit email

Update Attribute

  • You can create criteria where an attribute changes on submission, acceptance, or rejection of an invoice.
Invoice - Update Attribute
  • Here, the attribute Invoice Date changes to 03/17/2022 on performing a particular action.
Invoice - Edit UA
  • Similarly, an attribute is created for the rejection of an Invoice, and click on the Create button.
In - AF Created

Create a New Invoice

  • Once the criteria are set, create a new invoice in Invoices App. Add the required information and submit it. When the invoice’s customer is Albina Glick the approval flow will be executed.
Invoice submitted
  • On submission, as per the flow, an email will be generated to the listed employees.
  • You can click on the link to view the Invoice.
In - Submission mail
  • Here, The employee Larry has the role to approve or reject the invoice.
  • Now the employee can approve the invoice in their account, Go to the Invoice app → My Employee’s Invoices → Pending My Approval. Click on More Details.
In - More Details
  • Now the employee can Approve or Reject as per the business guidelines. Click on the Approve button to approve the invoice.
In -Approve button
  • Once the invoice is approved, Today’s date will be changed to 03/17/2022 as shown below.
In - Today's Date