How to remove employees from the team?

Updated on March 8, 2022 01:05AM by Admin

Teams App in Apptivo enables your business to collaborate in an easy way. It allows you to form the employees into a team where they can work together. By creating teams you can easily assign the tasks in groups. You can add or remove the employees from the teams as per your business preferences.

Steps to remove employees from a team:

  • Log in and access the Teams app from the universal navigation menu bar.
  • Select the team that you want to remove the employee from.
  • For instance, let’s consider removing the employee from the “Sales Team”.
  • Click on the More Details(...).
Teams - More Details
  • Scroll down to the Employees section and select the employee.
  • Let’s consider removing the employee, “Sarayh Cassie”.
  • Click on the Remove icon under the Actions section.
Teams-Remove icon
  • You’ll get a warning whether you want to remove the employee or not. Click on the Yes button to remove the employee.
  • Now the employee is removed from the sales team.
Teams - Emp Removed
  • You can also add the employee by clicking on the Add button.
Teams - Add

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