How to enable the track inventory for all the items?

Updated on March 2, 2022 09:56PM by Admin

Track Inventory helps you to track the availability of items in Inventory.

  • If the Track Inventory is disabled, the tracking of inventory won’t occur, which means you can order or ship the indefinite number of items.
  • If the Track Inventory is enabled, it will check for the availability status for an item in inventory at the time of ordering and shipping.

You can enable the track inventory manually for each item or you can use the Bulk Action to enable or disable the track inventory toggle at a time for different items. By enabling the track inventory toggle, you can keep track of your inventories and avoid the shortage of your inventories.

Steps to Enable the track inventory for all the items:

  • Log in and access the Items app from the universal navigation menu bar.
  • Select the items for which you would like to enable the track inventory.
  • For instance, let’s consider selecting all the items to enable the track inventory.
  • To select all the items click on the check box as shown below.
  • On selecting, the Bulk Action button gets activated.
Items Bulk
  • Now, click on the E-Commerce → Track Inventory.
E -Commerce
  • On selecting the track inventory, the Bulk Action - Track Inventory pop-up will appear and enable the Track Inventory toggle.
  • Click on the Update button.
Items - Enabled
  • The items get updated as shown below.
Updated items
  • Now go to any item and click on the E-Commerce tab on the item overview page. The track inventory toggle is enabled automatically for the item as shown below.
Random item