How do I Associate suppliers with Contacts while importing?

Updated on March 2, 2022 09:38PM by Admin

You can add suppliers of contacts individually or you can import the list of suppliers into the contacts App with a CSV spreadsheet file.

Prepare the contact list with the supplier information with the Supplier name in.CSV format.

Steps to Upload Suppliers from a CSV File:

  • Log in and access Contacts App from your universal navigation menu.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select Import.
Contacts - Import
  • Before uploading your file, verify you don’t make any common errors.
  • Click on the Import button.
Con - CSV Import
  • You can import a New File or Update existing records.
  • For instance, here we are performing the import on existing records. Therefore, we’ve chosen the Update existing records button.
  • You need to Browse and choose a .csv file and click on Next.
Con - Browse File
  • Select the Uniqueness check dropdown, to select the unique value from the contact attributes. For instance, Let’s consider the First Name and Last Name of Contacts.
  • Map contacts fields to respective CSV columns as shown in the below instance. Make sure to map the custom mandatory fields.
  • After mapping all fields as shown below, Click on the Import button to import records.
Con - Mapping and Import
  • Once you are done with mapping click Proceed on each validation.
Con - Proceed
  • If there are any duplicate contacts, you’ll get a notification. By clicking on the Add to Exception and Proceed button. They will be ignored and available for download at the end.
Con - Duplicate
  • Finally, the page will show the number of #of Records, #deleted records, and #of ignored records, and click on Start Import.
Con - Start Importing
  • Recent imports will get added to the Imports history.
Con - IMP History
  • Here, you can get the option to download the imported or ignored records lists.
Con - Download icon
  • Here, you can see that the supplier information is added to the contact as shown below.
Con - Elza