How do I modify the dropdown reference app field and enable Auto-update in the Contacts app?

Updated on February 23, 2022 06:55AM by Admin

Now we can modify the dropdown, multi-select values of reference app fields. Before, you can only view the populated value from a reference object. Now you can edit the populated value in Reference App Fields. However, with this version, Apptivo has added the option to modify the Reference app field values according to your business needs by changing the Type as Reference, and the value of the Ref app field can be updated automatically by enabling the Auto-update Toggle.

Steps to change the Type Reference and enabling Auto-update toggle:

  • Log in and access the Customers app from the universal menu bar.
  • Here Create a new customer or modify the existing customer.
  • For instance, let’s consider the Customer Intellect Enterprises and the fields Category, Status, Related Industries that need to be reflected in the contacts app while choosing the customers from the contacts app.
Intellect Enterprises Customer
  • To configure the Reference app field in the contacts app, Go to the Contacts app, click on More(...) icon, and select Settings.
Contacts Settings
  • Go to Settings→Customize app → Master Layout.
Contacts Master Layout
  • Drag and drop the Two Column section from the Palette tab and Give the name in the Inspector tab. For Instance, let’s name the section as Customers Details.
Reference App Section
  • From the Palette tab, drag and drop the Ref App attribute.
Drag Ref App
  • Click on the Ref App in the Master Layout to view its Inspector tab.
  • In the Inspector tab, you can rename the App from the Name field. Here, the name of the Ref App is Customers.
Naming Ref App
  • In the Reference Objects Details, select the App from which the records are to be associated. Here you can see, the Customers app is chosen.
Ref App
  • Once the Ref App is chosen, drag and drop the Ref App Field to the Master Layout.
Drag Ref App Field
  • Click on the added field to view the Inspector tab. Scroll down, then in the Reference Field Details, you can choose a Reference Field and Object. This refers to the field to be called based on the selected Object. Let’s consider selecting Customers as Reference object and Status as Reference Field.
Status Ref Field Details
  • Now, you can rename the name of the field from the Name field. Let’s consider naming the field as Status and select the Type as Reference, which enables you to modify the value of the Ref app field.
Status Ref type
  • Enable the Auto Update toggle in Standard behavior.
Status Update toggle
  • Follow the same procedure for other Ref App fields. Here, along with Status, Category, and Related industries are Added and Save the changes.
Save Master Layout
  • Go to the Contacts home page, Create a new contact or select one of the existing contacts. For instance, consider Dyan and click on More Details(...).
Dyan Contact
  • On the overview page, click on the Search icon of the Customer field and select any customer from the Search and Select popup.
Intellect Customer
  • After selecting the customer, all the Ref App fields will automatically be populated on the overview page as shown below.
Ref App Field Populated
  • You can also change the field values since we have selected the type as Reference and it won’t affect the values in the Customers app.
Status dropdown
  • When you change the value in the Customer app, it'll automatically override the chosen value on the contacts app as the Auto Update toggle is enabled for the reference app field.
  • Here, In the Customers app, Categories are changed from books and magazines to business to business.
Custom Category Changed
  • In the Dyan contact, the value will automatically be overridden with the new value if the Auto-update toggle is enabled as shown below.
Customer Category Updated