How can I Configure the multiple fields in the Filter option for the Intelligence Charts?

Updated on February 21, 2022 05:51AM by Admin

The Charts of Apptivo provide users with the statistics of their opportunities by the simple process. This summary table is designed with multiple advanced features. Apptivo has provided the filter option where you can select the numerous fields which help you to filter them out as per your business needs.

Steps to Enable the Filter option:

  • Log in and access the Opportunities app from the universal menu.
  • Click on More(...) icon and select Settings.
Opportunities Settings
  • On the Settings page, click on the Intelligence → Charts → App.
Opp - Charts App
  • From the Charts page, click on the Create and select the Summary Table.
Opp- Chart Summary table
  • You will be redirected to the Create summary table page.
  • Here, enter the name of the Summary Table.
Summary Tab Name
Note: Based on the Summary Table’s Privilege, the employee will have access to the summary Table.
  • By using the Inspector tab on the Right side, you can customize the summary table as per your business needs.
  • You can change the Table Title and the Default Rows of the summary Table.
Inspector tab Opp
  • Then, click on the Context tab to change the Column name and the values of the summary table.
  • For instance, consider the Assigned employees of opportunities and sum the total amount of opportunities.
  • Here, Assigned To attribute is selected from the attribute dropdown and titled the column as Sales Representatives.
Opp name attribute Context
  • For the Value column, change the column name to Opportunity Value.
  • You can set the Aggregation value as Sum or Count and select the Amount in the Attribute section.
  • You can add the filter for the Table by enabling the Filter option.
  • For Summing up the values, Click on Summarize By dropdown and select Sum.
  • You can add another column by using the “+" icon.
Value Column
  • In the Formatting tab, you can customize the format of the table.
  • You can set the Sorting function as Ascending or Descending order for the Columns.
  • You can also add the Highlighting by using the Add option in Highlighting.
  • Then, Click on the Filter tab, Enable the Filter toggle, and Advanced Filter.
  • Add the Filter Attributes, Here category, Sales stage, Probability, and Close Date are added as filter attributes.
Filter Tab
  • Then, click on the Create option.
Summary Table Created
  • You can view the Created summary table on the list.
Sum Tab Successful

Steps to add Summary Table in Dashboard:

  • On the Settings page, click on the Intelligence → Dashboard → App.
  • Click on the Create button.
Dashboard Create
  • You will be redirected to the Create Dashboard page, add the name, description of the dashboard.
  • Using the drag and drop section from the palette tab, select the created summary table under the Charts Section.
Dashboard palette
  • You can change the Section name in the Inspector Tab.
  • Then, click on the Create button.
  • The new dashboard will be created and you can view the Created Dashboard in the List.
Dashboard creation success
  • Now, go to the dashboards section in the Opportunities App.
  • You can see the created dashboard - Opportunities Amount.
  • Now you can see the sum of value columns in the user end output table.
Final Summary Table Opp
  • By Clicking on the Filter Icon, you can see the attributes that you’ve added.
Filter icon
  • Set the attribute values as per your business requirements and click on the View Chart button.
  • There you can view the amounts of your opportunities along with sales representatives as per the mentioned attribute values as shown below.
Filtered summary tab
  • You can also reset the attribute values by clicking the Reset button.