How to configure Summary Boxes in the Cases app of Apptivo’s iOS platform?

Updated on February 8, 2022 05:09AM by Admin

By leveraging the Summary Boxes in the Cases app, you can add the summary of Count, Sum, and the Average of the data based on the conditions as per your business needs. In addition, you can add these summary boxes in the standard and the Custom view as well. You can add a maximum of 6 summary boxes.

The Cases app in the iOS application of Apptivo supports this feature. The configuration for the Summary Boxes is carried out in the web version and the summary boxes will be displayed in the Cases app of your iOS mobile app.

Note: Summary Boxes are supported in the Ultimate and the Enterprise plans only.

Steps to Configure

  • Log into your Apptivo account and access the Cases app from the Universal Menu.
  • Click on the More (...) icon and select Settings. On the Settings page, click on the Customize App from the left panel and select Views.
  • Select the view for which you want to add the Summary Box. Here, Show All.
Cases App
  • Update View side panel will appear. In this window, navigate to the Summary Boxes tab. Click on the Create button.
Update View
  • In the Create Summarization Popup, you can add additional filters for the view.
  • Enter the Name of the Summary box.
  • In the Aggregation Type, Select the type whether it is in Sum, Count, or Average.
  • Depending on the Aggregation Type, you can select the Attribute from the dropdown.
  • Here, we have set the Aggregation Type as Count and selected the Attribute as Type.
Create Summary
  • In the Additional Filter tab, add the attribute filter condition. Here, the condition is to include the cases whose Type is Product Purchases.
Additional Filter
  • In the Preview button, you can preview the box and you can customize the box with the Box Properties. For example, you can change the Label name, Background color, Text, and Icon in the Box.
  • Then, click on the Create button.
Box 1 Created
  • You can view the created Summary Boxes on the List.
  • Similarly, you can create a maximum of 6 summary boxes.
  • Then, click on the Create button. If you are trying to create more than 6 summary boxes, you will get the popup warning.
  • On selecting the Update button, the changes are saved.
Box 2 Created
  • Now, log into your Apptivo iOS application and go to the Cases app.
iOS Home
  • Here, navigate to the desired view. Here, Show All. You can view the selected view with the created number of Summary boxes.
Show All