How to set up the default value for a field in advanced search?

Updated on January 19, 2022 09:21PM by Admin

The Advanced Search feature in Apptivo allows you to perform a field-based search wherein the search will be carried out specifically in the selected fields. Apptivo has the provision to set up a default value for a field while performing advanced search operations.

Let’s go through the steps to set up and display a default value for a field during an advanced search in the Customers app of Apptivo.

To display a particular value for a field during the advanced search, you have to configure the value through the Master Layout.

Steps to set up the default value for a field

  • Log into your Apptivo account and navigate to the Customers app. Here, select More → Settings from the App Header.
Customers app
  • Now, go to Customize App → Master Layout from the left navigation panel. Here, select the field in which you want to set up the default value. Here, we have selected the Status field.
  • Click on the Status field to view the corresponding Inspector tab. Here, scroll down to the Search section and enable the toggle for Default Value.
Inspector Tab
  • Once the toggle is enabled, set the default value and save the changes.
Enabled Toggle
  • Now, select the Advanced Search option from the App Header.
Advanced Search
  • The Advanced Search side panel comes into view. Here, the value selected as the default value will be selected/displayed by default in the Status field. You can now move forward with the desired search operation and complete the search.
Search Window