How to add multiple assignees in the Work Orders app?

Updated on January 11, 2022 08:27PM by Admin

The Work Orders app of Apptivo allows you to add multiple assignees to a single work order. By going through the steps mentioned here, you will be able to add multiple assignees effortlessly to your account.

Steps to add multiple assignees

  • Log into your Apptivo account and go to the Work Orders app. Here, select More → Settings from the App Header.
Work Orders
  • On the Settings page, navigate to WorkOrders → Assignments from the left navigation panel.
  • Here, the “Allow multiple assignees” toggle is disabled by default. Enable the toggle to add multiple assignees in a single work order.
  • Now, create a new work order in the Work Order app. You can see that the Assigned To field allows you to add more than one assignee.
Create WO
  • Click on the “+” icon to add more employees to the work order.
Search and Select
  • The selected employees are added to the work order. You can now complete creating the work order by adding the required information.
Added Assignees