How to identify duplicates when entering new records in Extended Cases applications from the iOS platform?

Updated on December 16, 2021 05:02AM by Admin

Apptivo apps allow users to validate the records while creating a new record from your iOS platform. You can set the duplication rule for how to validate the records with Actual or fuzzy logic. In addition, you can also set the duplication rule to validate across the other apps.

If you want to implement or utilize this feature, then you will need to configure the settings from Apptivo’s web application. Follow the below steps to define the criterion.

Steps to Create

  • Login and access the Cases Extended application from the universal navigation panel. Here, the Cases Extended application is named “Cases Extended app”.
  • Click on the More(…) details and select Settings.
Cases Extended app
  • On the Settings page, click on “General → Duplication Rules" from the left navigation panel.
  • Enable the toggle to define the criteria.
  • Set the option either to Prevent Duplication automatically or Warn and Flag Duplication for review.
Duplication Rule
  • Click on the Create button and enter the following details:
  • Rule Name: Name of the criterion.
  • You can view the Validate Other apps toggle, enable the Toggle to validate the record with records across other apps.
  • By enabling the toggle, the App drop-down will be visible to select apps.
  • In the app drop-down, you can view the list of CRM apps.
  • Select the apps from the list as per your preferences.
Create Rule
  • Then, set the matching rules inline-level.
  • Attributes - Select the attribute, here "Name" is selected.
  • Fuzzy Logic - The Name field may have a Partial value.
  • Exact Logic - The Name must match with an exact value.
  • In the “Map Other apps” column, click on the Map Attributes button.
Map other apps
  • The side panel will come to view with the select apps and select attribute dropdown.
  • Map the attributes of the other apps under the select attribute dropdown.
  • Click on the update button. Then, click on the "Create" button.
  • Here, we have set the criteria as, if the Customer field has the same value as the existing record, it will flag for duplication review.
Create Criteria
  • If you try to create a new record from your iOS application with the same name, you will get a warning flag with the duplicate record details based on the Contacts, Customers, Leads, Opportunities, Suppliers, Cases extended apps and all custom created applications. At the time of creation, you will view the warning message with existing records if present in other apps as per the created duplication rule.

Note: This Duplication Rule will be applicable while importing the records through excel.

Duplication Table