What is Associate Employee email?

Updated on October 20, 2021 04:59AM by Admin

Associate Employee Email in Apptivo allows users to manage the employee emails to associate with other applications of Apptivo. Disabling the toggle helps to control the employee contact email association based on your business requirements. Similarly, by enabling this toggle, the emails that are received on the emails will be associated with the employee email associate applications.

Steps to Follow

  • Login and access the Emails app from the universal menu.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select Settings.
  • On the Emails Settings, you can view the Associate Employee Email toggle.
  • By default, this toggle will be in the enabled state.
  • With that, the emails sent to the employee’s email id can be accessed from the contacts emails tab when the same email id is used to create a contact.
  • Go to the Contacts app and create a contact with the same id as the employee.
contacts app
  • Now, the emails received for this email id can be accessed from the Employee and the Contacts emails as well.
çontacts emails
  • The same email can be accessed from the Contacts app of Apptivo as well.
emails tab
  • By disabling the Associate Employee Email toggle, the emails can only be accessed from the employee emails tab.
  • Now, the email can be accessed only from the Employee app.
Employee Email
  • At the same time, the email will not be delivered to the Contacts app.

Note: If the same email is used to create Contacts, Customers, Opportunities, or Leads, then the emails will be delivered to the employee’s app as well as the respected CRM applications emails tab.

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