How to share the views created in the Campaigns app?

Updated on September 28, 2021 06:03AM by Admin

You can create and share a view in the Campaigns app. By enabling the Share with other users toggle, you can share the created views. Let’s go through the steps to share the views created in the Campaigns app.

Steps to configure

  • Log in and access the Campaigns app from the universal navigation bar.
Campaigns app
  • Click on the Advanced Search icon located at the App Header.
  • For instance, on the Advanced Search Page, select End date as Current - Year.
  • Click on the Search icon.
  • You can view the search results as shown in the image below.
  • Click on the Save as View button.
Save as view
  • On the Save as View pop-up window, enter the View Name. For Instance, mention the view name as Current Year Campaigns.
  • By default, Share with other users toggle will be in disable mode. Enable the toggle to On, so that other users can view the shared views.
  • Click on the Save button.
  • Now, under the Shared Views from the left navigation panel, you can view the created view which was shared.
Shared views