Why Apptivo Help desk vs other help desks?

Updated on September 22, 2021 06:12AM by Admin

The CRM combined help desk of Apptivo has turned out to be an absolute asset for businesses. The CRM Software blended with help desk Software assists the support team to not only solve the grievances but also maintain an effective customer database with detailed information on all the interactions with time stamps. We have listed some of the key reasons why Apptivo help desk is the best help desk software.

  • SLA - The SLA(Service Level Agreement) of Apptivo is the right tool for your business to reduce the cycle times and offer timely service. The SLA system of Apptivo also has the added benefit of determining the action to be taken when a ticket is not closed within the stipulated time. Further, you can also configure to whom the ticket has to be escalated.
  • Detailed Reporting - Reporting facility in the ticketing system is advantageous for businesses to monitor the agent performance, understand the customer behavior, improve the retention rate, and bring in more customers. With the advanced reporting system of the Apptivo help desk, you can get a clearer picture of your business and your customer base. With the information obtained, you can analyze the performance and optimize your business.
  • Instant Notifications - Notifications feature in the ticketing software help employees to stay updated on every action taken in a ticket. With Apptivo, you can get instant notifications when tickets are created, updated, or deleted. This service also extends to the SLA feature.