What is the difference between Simple search, Advanced Search, and Global Search?

Updated on September 6, 2021 07:08AM by Admin

In Apptivo Simple Search, Advanced Search, and Global Search are available in all applications. The search option helps you to find information easily especially when you have bulk information. By using just one keyword, you can search for information about what we need.
For instance, on the Contacts app, you have only one contact with Last Name Jones. Consider this as an example to understand the difference between these three types of searches in the Contacts app.

Steps to perform Simple Search

  • Login and access the Contacts app from the universal navigation bar.
  • A simple search allows you to search using a Search field located in the header bar.
Contacts app
  • Consider performing a search based on the Name Daniel Jones with the Contacts app.
  • But, results will be displayed with all the contacts named Daniel and Jones.
Simple Search

Steps to perform an Advanced Search

  • Choose the Advanced Search option in the header bar to view the Advanced Search side panel.
Advanced search option
  • Here, in the Contacts app, the Advanced Search window holds the details of First Name, Last name, Job Title...etc as shown in the image.
  • In Advanced search, if you want the details of Daniel with last name Jones, consider search based on the Last Name attribute.
Advanced Search Window
  • Results will be displayed as shown in the image below.
Result of Advanced Search

Steps to perform Global Search

A global search option allows you to search for an activity or an object record across all your applications in Apptivo. You can search for an object record in an easy way, it reduces the usual time taken.

  • Select the User Menu from the top right corner of your Apptivo Home page. Select Preferences in the user menu.
  • The Preferences page will appear. Select Global Search from the left panel. The apps which are added to your account will be shown in the Selected Apps section.
  • When you perform a global search, the operation will be carried out across all your applications.
Global search
  • Select the particular apps in the selected app section, and select the < icon.
  • The selected apps are removed from the Global Search and are moved to the App Categories section.
App Category
  • The changes are saved automatically. Now, perform a Global Search in your Apptivo account.
Save the Changes
  • The data will be searched only in the applications which are added to the Selected Apps column.