How to change the view from My Agenda?

Updated on August 30, 2021 06:26AM by Admin

My Agenda displays the tasks that have been listed out for the day. This makes it easier for you to get a view of all the meetings that have been scheduled for that day.

In brief, My Agenda allows you to keep track of things that need to be done. You can create and access events, tasks, and follow-ups quickly from “ My Agenda”.

You have two views on My Agenda.
               1.Calendar View
               2.List View
Let's go through the steps to change the view from the My Agenda page.

Steps to view in Calendar view
  • Login to your account.
  • Click on “My Agenda” from the left navigation panel. By default, the My Agenda page is in the Calendar View.
My Agenda

  • You can view your created objects such as events, tasks, follow-ups in the Calendar view.
  • In the Calendar view, you can choose either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly view.
Calendar view

  • You can view Overdue, Upcoming, or Completed tasks by clicking on the Today Tasks dropdown button.
Todays tasks

Steps to view in List view

  • Click on My Agenda from the left navigation panel.
  • On the My Agenda page, switch to List View.
My Agenda List view

  • In List view, you can view all the Events, Tasks, and Follow-ups created.
List view