How to create a group listing report in the Opportunities app of Apptivo?

Updated on September 27, 2023 03:39AM by Admin

Apptivo’s Opportunities app allows you to generate the group listing reports based on the customer groups. It helps to create group records associated with the other apps of Apptivo. In addition, you can customize the reports with the filters, columns, and summary boxes as per your preferences.

Consider generating reports in the Opportunities app with data from the Customers app.

Steps to follow

  • Go to Settings in Opportunities App → Reports → Group Listing Reports.
Opportunities app
  • Here, select Create to create a new Group listing report.
Group Listings
  • Add the required information for the report.
  • Name: You can add a name for the report.
  • Description: Add the description of the report for future reference.
  • Associated Object: Associated Object refers to the Application with which the data is to be linked. You can create a report of Opportunities App with details from Customers App, Contacts App, Employees App, Items App, and Properties App.

Note: It is applicable only when the report has to have data from the Opportunities App and any one of the mentioned App.

  • The criteria field decides when a record can be included in the report. You can select an attribute and add a condition for it.
  • You can also add multiple criteria for a single report. Here, the Opportunities sales stage is selected. So, the opportunities are in the Needs Analysis stage will be added to the report.
  • Enable the Group By toggle to create sub-groups within a report. If a particular attribute is chosen, then the records will be segregated accordingly. You can enable it or disable it at any time.
  • Enable Group By feature and click Add to add the attribute.
  • Here, the group by is chosen for Customers.
  • Summary: On choosing an attribute as Summary, you can get a summary of the particular attribute. It is optional.
  • In the column section, you can add the attributes which are to be mentioned in the report.
  • In the Filter Attributes, you can select a particular attribute as a filter. If the condition mentioned in the Criteria section comes under the Filter data. Then, you can generate a report for it.
  • Here, the opportunities type and Assigned To are selected as the filters.
Group by
  • In the Search Result Column Attributes, you can select the attributes which are needed for the report. You can move all the attributes or select a particular attribute and move it.
Filter attributes
  • Associated Object Filter Attributes: You can select a particular attribute as a filter to filter the data from the Customers App. If the condition mentioned in the Criteria section comes under the Filter data. Then, you can generate a report for it.
Available Attributes
  • Associated Object Search Result Column Attributes: Here, you can select the attributes from the Associated Object, here Customers App which is needed for the report. You can move all the attributes or select a particular attribute and move it.
  • You can verify the selected attributes from the Consolidated Selected Attributes section.
Object Filters
  • In the Summary section, you can customize the views with the additional field to get clear views about the data present.
  • Click on the Create button to create.
Consolidated attributes
  • In the Create Summarization Popup, you can add additional filters for the custom view.
  • In the Aggregation Type, select the type whether it is in Sum, Count, or Average.
  • Depending on the Aggregation Type, you can select the Attribute from the dropdown.
  • In the Additional Filter add the attribute filter condition. Then click on the Create button.
  • In the Preview Button, you can preview the box and you can customize the box with the Box Properties. For example, you can change the Label name, Background color, Text, and Icon in the Box.
  • On click on the create button, you can view the Created Summary Boxes on the List. Similarly, you can create a maximum of 6 summary boxes.
  • Once the process is complete, click create to create a new report.
Summary boxes
  • Then, go to Reports →Group Listing Reports → Opportunities Sales Stage Review in the Opportunities App.
  • For the Customers Information, select the type of the customer.
  • For the Opportunities Information, select the type and assigned to attribute and click on the View Report.
  • You can see the list of records generated for the selected filters. You can also Export the records in CSV format.
View Report


  • The reports incorporates a "Privilege" feature, offering authorized access to designated individuals. Those who possess the necessary privilege will have the capability to access and review the reports.
  • You have the option to assign either a standard or custom privilege to the reports and allocate it to employees within various roles as needed.