How to send an email reminder for events from Apptivo’s iOS app?

Updated on July 30, 2021 02:41AM by Admin

Apptivo offers Event Activity using which you can create, manage, and organize your events actively. You can also create an event from My Agenda. You can create a reminder for the event. It also allows you to create multiple pop-ups and email reminders while creating the event in Apptivo.

Steps to create an email reminder for Event

  • Log into your Apptivo account from your iOS device and select My Agenda on the home page. Click on the create icon to create a new event.
My Agenda

  • Scroll down the Information section, you can view Remind Me add icon.
  • Click on the add icon, you can view the drop-down with the Popup and Email option.
  • Click on the dropdown, you can view the Pop-up and Email options.
Email Reminders

  • You can set the reminder for more than one form with minutes, hours, days, and/or weeks. You can also create multiple reminders.
Multiple Reminders

  • Select Create. An event is created.
Event Created

  • Now, the attendees and assign to employees will get the email reminder in their inboxes.