How to create an email reminder for tasks from Apptivo’s iOS app?

Updated on July 30, 2021 02:55AM by Admin

Create an email alert that can remind you about important tasks that you need to complete for your valued customers or your superiors. You can add a reminder setting inside the task’s activity, and you will receive an email reminder to the assigned employee.

Steps to add Email Reminder for Task

  • Login to your Apptivo account from the iOS application.
  • Create a new task or view the existing task.

  • In the Additional Information, you can view Remind Me add icon.
  • Click on the add icon, you can view the drop-down with the Popup and Email option.

  • Here, the Email option is selected.
  • Then, select the email reminder duration type, the reminder pop-up can have more than one form with minutes, hours, days, and/or week.
  • You can add multiple emails and pop-up reminders as per your preferences.
multiple reminders

  • You can view the created task with the reminder email configuration as configured.
  • Now, the Attendees and Assigned To employees will be receiving the email reminder as per your configuration.
Email Reminders