How to set the Document Visibility condition in Apptivo?

Updated on July 20, 2021 07:24AM by Admin

Apptivo apps enable you to add and share documents with your employees, Customers, and Contacts. It allows you to set the visibility condition for the documents to be shared with everyone or only with a particular employee or team. You can also get the document share history once the document is shared.

Steps to Enable

  • Login and access the Apptivo account.
  • Click on the User menu and selects Business Settings.
User Menu

  • From the Business Settings page, click on the Security and select Collaboration Security.
  • On the Collaboration Security, you can view the Document Visibility under the Documents section.
  • Here, you can set the visibility condition for the document whether it needs to be visible to Everyone or Only shared employee or team.
Business Settings

  • The “Only shared employee or team” option is selected.
  • The Changes will get updated automatically.

Steps to Share

Note: This configuration will work across all the application documents including the collaboration activities and Documents app.

  • Now, go to the Leads app. Create or select the existing record.

  • Click on the Documents tab and upload the document from your local computer.

  • Once the document is added, you can view the Share and History icon under the actions.
  • Click on the share icon to share the document.

  • By selecting the Share icon, you will get the Share Settings pop up to add the Share With options.
  • Click on the search icon on the Share With field.
Share Settings

  • You can share the document with the individual employee or the team.
Search and Select

  • For every document shared, the employee or team will get an email notification with the file name and message.
  • In the Message box, you can add the message and click on the Share button.

  • You can view the Document share history by clicking on the History icon.

  • You can view the share history pop-up with the shared employee/team name with the shared time.
Share History

  • The employee will also receive the email notification when the document is shared.
Email Notification

Note: The superuser will get access to all the documents added and shared by the non superuser.