How to integrate Apptivo account with Quickbooks Online?

Updated on December 10, 2021 05:53AM by Admin

Apptivo supports QuickBooks Online accounting software integration to manage your Apptivo invoices on QuickBooks. You can enable the one-way sync for Apptivo accounts to integrate with your QuickBooks accounts. Let's go through the steps to integrate your Apptivo account with QuickBooks.

Steps to Integrate

  • Login to your Apptivo account.
  • Click on the User Menu and select the Business Settings.

  • On the Business Settings page, click on the Services and select QuickBooks.
  • From the QuickBooks Integration, click on the “Connect to QuickBooks” button.

  • You will be redirected to the QuickBooks Online login page.
  • Enter your QuickBooks Online account details and click on the Sign-in button.
Sign In

  • Once you have completed the sign-in process, you will be redirected to the Apptivo Business Settings page. 
  • Now, you can view the “Force Sync from QB” and “Disconnect” buttons.
  • Using the “Force Sync from QB” button, you can import the Customer, Items, and Tax codes from your QuickBooks Online account to Apptivo. By performing this import, you can access the customer information available in QuickBooks and create an invoice for them within Apptivo.
Force Sync

  • Under the Configuration tab, select the app that you want to integrate with your QuickBooks Online account. Here, Invoices app.
  • Select the Sync type as One-way sync i.e Apptivo to QuickBooks.

  • You can also disconnect the integration whenever you want by clicking on the Disconnect button.

  • Now, you can view the imported Customers, Items, and Tax codes from the QuickBooks Online account in Apptivo accounts. You can view those QuickBooks Customers and Item details on Apptivo’s Customers and Items app.
  • Create an invoice for QuickBook customers from the Apptivo account for any of the QuickBooks items.
  • Once the invoice is created, you can view the QuickBooks sync status on the “QuickBooks Sync Status field” on the invoice overview page. 
QuickBooks synced

  • When the “QuickBooks Sync Status field” shows synced, the invoice will be synced automatically on the QuickBooks Online account.
  • You can view those invoices from your QuickBooks account.
QuickBook Account

Note: The Invoices created for the QuickBooks customers only will get synced automatically on QuickBooks. If not, the invoices will get created only on Apptivo.

  • If you have created the invoices for customers whose name is not on the QuickBooks Online account, you will get the Sync status on the “QuickBooks Sync Status field” is failed, and the failure reason will be visible on the “QuickBooks Sync Details” field. 
QuickBooks Details