How to send an email reminder for Tasks in Apptivo?

Updated on February 22, 2021 04:58AM by Admin

Get an email alert that can remind you about important tasks that you need to complete that regards your valued customers or for your superiors. You can add a reminder setting inside the task’s activity and you will receive an email reminder to the assigned employee.

Steps to add Email Reminder for Task

  • Create a new task or view the existing task.

  • In the Additional Information, you can view the Remind Me hyperlink.
  • Click on the Hyperlink, you can view the drop-down with the Popup and Email option.
Create Task

  • Here, the Email option is selected.
  • Then, select the email reminder duration type, the reminder email can have more than one form with minutes, hours, days, and/or week.

  • You can add multiple emails and pop-up reminders as per your preferences.

  • You can view the create task with the reminder email configuration as shown.

  • You can also update the reminder settings by overviewing the tasks and using the "Pencil" mark available at the end of the reminder panel.
Edit Icon

  • Now, the Attendes and Assigned To employees will be receiving the email reminder as per your configuration.
Email Reminder