How to create a data set in the Invoice App?

Updated on February 11, 2021 02:20AM by Admin

Data Sets in the Invoice App gives you the ability to provide access privilege of invoices to a specific group of people. Consider you are a manager and there are two teams operating under you. You can configure to allow your employees to view and have access to the invoices assigned to them and other employee’s records within his/her team, for effective collaboration.

Steps to create a data set

  • Log in and access the Invoice App. Select Settings from the App Header. Here, go to Settings → Security → Data Sets and click the Create button.

  • The Create Data Set page will be displayed, where enter:
    • Name - Name of the data set.
    • Description - Description of the data set.
    • Enabled - Slide the toggle ON to enable the data set.
  • The Criteria is the space where you can define the condition. Here, we are setting as “Sales Rep = Caroline Forbes”. This specifies that all invoices assigned to Caroline Forbes will be grouped.
Create Data Set

  • Click Create once complete.
Data Set Created

  • Similarly, you can create multiple data sets.

Steps to assign Data Sets to Employees

  • Navigate to Data Access Sets available under Security. The Data Access Sets page comes into view.
  • To assign a data set to a particular employee, click the “Add” button.

  • A new row will get added, and to select an employee, select the “Search” icon in the Employee Name column and add the employee.
Add Employee

  • Click on the dropdown under the Data Access column, which lists the created data sets.
  • Select the data set and to save click the Tick icon.
  • Now, the selected Data Set is assigned to the selected employee.
Add Multiple Employees

  • With that, the employee will have access to the records which are added under the criteria from their login.