What is the Line of Business in Ledger App?

Updated on February 9, 2021 05:21AM by Admin

Ledger App in Apptivo facilitates you to create a line of business. Line of business refers to internal business units. A business is holistically seen as one unit. However, there might be different divisions present in it. Related products or services are referred to as a Line of Business.

  • Go to Settings → Ledger → Line of Business → Create to create a new line of business.
Ledger app

  • In the Create Line of Business popup, add the required information.
    • Code - Code refers to the code of Line of Business
    • Name - Name indicates the name of the line of business.
    • Description - In this field, you can add a description of the line of business.
Create Window

  • On selecting Create, a new line of business is created.