How to install Apptivo Add-in for Outlook Email?

Updated on February 8, 2021 06:32AM by Admin

Outlook has a feature that empowers businesses to integrate records in Apptivo with the Emails in Outlook. With this Add-in, you can view and create records in Apptivo’s CRM Apps like Contacts App, Customers App, Leads App, Opportunities App, and many more. Let’s go through the steps to install Apptivo Add-in for Outlook.

Steps to install Apptivo Add-in

  • Log into your Outlook account and navigate to any email. Click on the More icon and select the Get Add-ins option.
Inbox Page

  • The Add-ins for Outlook popup comes into view. Her, select My add-ins from the left panel.
Add-in Window

  • In the My add-ins page, scroll down to Custom add-ins. Here, select Add a custom add-in dropdown and choose Add From URL option.
My Add-in


  • You will be asked to confirm the installation of Apptivo Add-in to your Outlook account. Select Install.
Warning Message

  • The Apptivo for Outlook Add-in is added successfully to your Outlook account.
Add-in Added

  • Now, when you click the More icon in any email, the Apptivo for Outlook Add-in is listed.
Add-in Listed

  • On clicking it, you can easily log in and access your Apptivo account from Outlook.
Apptivo for Outlook