How to customize Associated Objects in Suppliers App?

Updated on February 6, 2021 05:58AM by Admin

The Associated Objects of Suppliers App allows you to view the relationship between suppliers or any other object in Apptivo.

Steps to Follow

  • In the Suppliers App of Apptivo, select Settings from the App Header.

  • Select Customize App → Associated Objects from the left navigation panel of the Settings page.
  • The Associated Objects page will come into view.
  • Here, the Relationships option is listed.
Associated Object

  • Enable the toggle to make the relationship table visible in the Suppliers. You can also offer limited access to your employees using the privileges feature.
  • The privileges are configured in the Employees App. Only those employees who have the selected privilege can use this feature.

  • In the overview page of a supplier, the Relationship table will be shown as the toggle is enabled.