How to make the Reference Field editable in Apptivo?

Updated on February 6, 2021 05:43AM by Admin

Master Layout allows you to link the Leads app with other apps. Ref Apps are unique field types, they can be combined with Ref App Fields from the reference app. In addition, you can customize the Reference app field to get the values related to the Ref app attribute and make it an editable field by changing the type of the reference app field as Reference.

To use this feature, you need to first create a "Ref App" attribute. Then, select the field from “Ref App” which you'd want to relate with the Leads app.

For instance, link an “Opportunity” that is assigned to a lead by adding a Ref App Field for a lead.

Steps to add Ref app and Ref app field

  • Log in and access the Leads app from the universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on the "More" icon and select "Settings" from the app header bar.

  • Select "Master Layout" from the "Customize App" dropdown located at the left navigation panel.
  • You have to add the “Ref App” attribute, before adding the “Ref App field attribute”.
  • Drag and drop the "Ref App" attribute from the palette.
Master Layout

  • Click on that field and choose the reference app in the inspector tab.
  • Here, the Opportunity app is selected.
Inspector Tab

  • Drag and drop the "Ref App Field" from the palette panel on the right side of the dashboard.
Ref App Field

  • Click on the Reference App field on the "Inspector" section to rename the reference app field.
  • Scroll down on the inspector column and configure the "Reference Field Details" section.
Field Details

  • For instance, set "Reference Object" as "Opportunity" and "Reference Field" as "Opportunities Follow up" to link a lead source field for an opportunity in your Leads app.
Follow up

  • Once the Opportunities Follow up filed is mapped, scroll up to view the Type of Reference app filed.
  • Select the Type as the Reference.
  • Click on the "Save" button to complete.

  • Go to the Leads creation page, you can view the added Reference field and Reference app field.
Create Lead

  • Once the Opportunity is selected, you can view the Follow app date will be auto-updated in the Opportunities follow up field ( Reference app field).
App Field

  • At the same time, the Reference app field (Opportunities Follow up) will be in editable form.
  • You can edit the Opportunities Follow up whenever required.