How to create a default view for the Opportunities app from the Preferences page?

Updated on February 3, 2021 02:39AM by Admin

The Opportunities app of Apptivo enables you to set the default view for your app from the Preferences page. The default view refers to the preferred home page that is usually configured using the Settings page in the Opportunities app.

Steps to create Default Views

  • Go to the User Menu in your Apptivo account and select Preferences.
Home Page

  • Here, navigate to General → Default Views → Add View to create a new default view for an app in Apptivo. Here, Opportunities app.

  • On clicking the Add View icon, the Add View popup comes into view. Here, select the app.
Add View

  • Once the app is selected, choose the type of view. You can select a view that has to appear as the home page.
Select Layout

  • You can opt for the default view from the available views and save the changes. Here, we have configured Opportunities Home as the home page.
View Created

  • On navigating to the Opportunities app, the home page will appear as per the configuration.
New Home Page