How do Associated Objects work in the Employees app?

Updated on December 30, 2020 02:33AM by Admin

The Employees app of Apptivo enables you to view the information related to your contacts on the overview page of the employee. This can be configured using the Associated Objects section on the Settings page.

Steps to configure associated objects

  • In the Employees app of Apptivo, select Settings → Security → Associated Objects.
  • There is a toggle for Contacts on the Associated Objects page.
Employees app

  • If the toggle is enabled, then the Contacts section is available on the overview page of an employee.
  • If the toggle is disabled, then the Contacts section will be hidden from the overview page of an employee.
  • Now, navigate to the overview page of an employee.

  • Here, scroll down. The Contacts section is visible as the toggle is enabled.
Contacts table

  • When the toggle is disabled, the section will be hidden.