How to perform the conversion in the License Tracker app?

Updated on December 23, 2020 11:00PM by Admin

Apptivo allows you to convert your records from the License Tracker app to another app. Here, you have the advantage to custom convert the records using the Mapping feature. Here, you can determine which attributes in the License Tracker app has to be converted to any other Apps.

Steps to perform a conversion

  • Go to Settings → License Tracker → Conversion. Here, select Create to create a new conversion type.
License Tracker app

  • In the Create Conversion page, select the destination app. Here, Invoice app.
Create Conversion

  • You can also add a description of the conversion. If you want a record to be converted multiple times, then enable Allow Conversion Multiple Times.
  • Once the settings are configured, select Create. You can see the Conversion is created.
  • To perform conversion to multiple applications in the overview page, enable the Sequential Order toggle.
Conversion Created

  • To perform the custom conversion, click on the Mapping feature.
Mapping Page

  • In the mapping field, you can enable the activities which you want to associate in the Invoice app.
  • You can also map the attributes of the Invoice app which you want from the License Tracker app using the Select Attribute feature.
  • Once the mapping is configured, select ‘update’.
Mapping Complete

  • Now create a new record in the License Tracker app.
  • Once the required information is added, click on the Convert button → To Invoice.

  • You will be redirected to the Create Invoice page where the mapped attributes will have the values from the License Tracker record.
Create Invoice