How are invoices assigned to the Sales Reps in Apptivo?

Updated on December 11, 2020 05:47AM by Admin

The Invoice App of Apptivo is an online billing system that helps to create, manage, and track invoices. The invoices are automatically assigned to the sales reps depending on the customer selected i.e the sales rep who is assigned to the customer in the Customers App will be automatically assigned while creating an invoice for that customer.

  • In the Invoice App of Apptivo, create a new invoice.
  • The Create Invoice page comes into view. The Customer field is empty and the Sales Rep field is also empty.
Invoice App

  • Once the Customer is selected, the Sales Rep field is also filled automatically.
Create Invoice Page

  • When you navigate to the overview page of the selected customer, you can see the Sales Rep is the same as the one added in the Invoice App.
Customers App

  • To change the Sales Rep for an invoice, it is essential to update the Sales Rep information in the overview page of the selected customer in the Customers App.