How do I set Access Level for Dispatch Calendar in Work Orders?

Updated on January 8, 2021 06:31AM by Admin

Access Level in Work Orders app allows you to provide the data level access along with the dispatch calendar events based on privileged access. With that, you can customize the access for your assigned work orders to All employees or assigned employees. In addition, it allows you to add additional access to view or edit your work orders.

Click on the Settings Security Access Level. This will display the work orders Level Access. Here, you can customize your data access permissions.

Steps to Customize Work Orders App Security

  • Log in and access the Work Orders App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on the "More(...)" icon and select the “Settings” icon located in the App header bar.
Work Orders

  • Click on "Access Level" from the “Security” dropdown in the left navigation panel.
Access Level

  • You can view the “Access Level” setting which allows restricting dispatch calendar events visibility and also giving privilege level access to "View" and "Edit".
  • All – Everyone with access to Work Orders.
  • Employees – Specific Employees who are assigned to work orders.
  • Consider the access level is configured to give view access to All but edit access to Employees.

  • The Work Order is created and assigned to Rose Jensen. Other employees can see Rose Jensens’ Work Orders, but the edit access will not be available for others.

  • If the access level is configured as All for View and Edit, then all the employees with the same privileges will have access to all the Work Orders events on the Dispatch calender.
Edit Access
  • If the employee is added to the Exception List, they will have access to View and Edit all work order events on the Dispatch Calendar.

  • The added employee on the expectation lists will have access to all work orders on the dispatch calendar.
Calendar Access