How to create an event with the Material Receipt information in the Receiving App?

Updated on November 17, 2020 12:04AM by Admin

The Receiving App of Apptivo has a collaboration tool that allows you to map the information present in the overview page of a material receipt with any activity associated with it. Let’s go through the steps to create an event with the information present on the overview page of a material receipt.

Note: This feature is available in the Ultimate and Enterprise plans of Apptivo.

Steps to map the attributes of Material Receipts with Events

  • Log into your Apptivo account and navigate to the Receiving App. In the Receiving App, select Settings.
  • On the Settings page, go to Collaboration. Here, scroll down to Calendar.

  • Here, enable Map and set your own pre-defined values while creating Calendar toggle. Now, select Mapping.
Enabled Toggle

  • You will be redirected to Receiving → Calendar Mapping Fields. Map the required fields. Here, the Memo and To Warehouse fields of Receiving App are mapped with the Title and Location fields of the Calendar.
Mapping Page

  • On clicking update, the changes are saved.
Mapping Complete

  • Now, go to the overview page of a material receipt.

  • Switch to the Calendar tab and select Create.
  • The fields in the Create Event window will have the values as per the configuration. For instance, the Title of the event is the same as the Memo of the material receipt.
Create Event