How to enable row notes on the PDF template of invoices?

Updated on November 7, 2020 01:02AM by Admin

The Invoice App of Apptivo allows you to customize the template of your invoice PDF. In this template, you can also enable the provision to add notes for your rows. Thus, the notes added in each row of your table will be displayed in the PDF.

Steps to enable row notes

  • Go to Settings → Customize App → Print/Web Layouts of your Invoice App.
Invoice App

  • Create a new layout or navigate to an existing layout.

  • Go to any table in the layout. Here, the Items table. Navigate to the **** present in the second row of your table. This row refers to the notes field in the table and it is named Row Note. Click on **** to view the Inspector tab.
Inspector tab

  • In the Inspector tab, scroll down to Visibility. Enable the toggle. You can also configure conditional visibility here. Once the changes are made, save them.
Enabled Toggle

  • Go to the overview page of an invoice. You can see notes are added to the items table.
  • Choose the configured template and select the Print PDF button.

  • The PDF version of the invoice will have the notes added in each row of the Items table based on the notes displayed on the overview page.
PDF Version