How do I create and associate a project in the Distributors App?

Updated on November 4, 2020 03:14AM by Admin

The Distributors App of Apptivo allows you to associate projects with the distributor record. You can also create projects and associate them from the 360-Degree tab of the overview page.

Steps to create and associate a project

  • Go to the Distributors App of Apptivo and navigate to the overview page of a record.
Distributors App

  • Switch to the 360-degree tab. Select the Projects App from the 360-degree view dropdown. Select the create button.
360-Degree Tab

  • The Create Projects side panel appears. Here, add the information related to your projects.
Create Project

  • On selecting create, a new project is created.
Project Created

  • This project information is also available in the Projects App of Apptivo.
Projects App