How to set up triggers in the Employees App?

Updated on November 3, 2020 03:28AM by Admin

The Employees App of Apptivo allows you to generate an action automatically whenever a certain condition matches in the employee record. You can configure it to generate an action when an employee is created or edited. Similarly, you can also customize to generate action at a particular time. This action is achieved with the help of the Triggers feature available in the Employees App.

Note: This feature is available in the Premium, Ultimate, and Enterprise plans of Apptivo.

There are two types of triggers available in the Employees App.

  • Event Based - An action is generated when a record is created or updated depending on the criteria configured.
  • Time Based - An action is generated at a particular time. This can be one time or recurring.

Types of Actions

  • In both types, the actions that are produced are the same. The different types of actions offered by the Employees App are listed below.
    • Send Email - An email is sent automatically when the condition matches in a record.
    • Update Attribute - When the condition matches, the selected attribute is updated.
    • Update Associated Reference App Attributes - The value in the associated app is updated automatically.
    • Call a Webhook URL
    • Task - A task is created automatically.
    • Event - An event is created automatically.
    • Note - A note is added automatically.
  • There is also a provision to create a task, event, or note depending on the Mapping.

Note: You can add more than one action at a time for a trigger.

Let’s walk through the steps to create an event-based trigger where the action is to create a note.

Steps to setup triggers

  • Go to Settings → Employees → Triggers → Event Based Triggers. In the Event Based trigger page, select Create to create a new trigger.
Employees App

  • In the Create Trigger page, add a name for the trigger. In addition to this, you can also set the event during which the action has to occur. It can be when an employee is created or updated. Here, Employee Created.
  • To have the trigger in operation, keep the enabled toggle ON.
  • In the Criteria section, determine the condition during which the trigger has to occur. Here, the condition is to generate an action when the First Name is Caroline.
  • You can make use of the Actions to set the type of trigger. Since a note is to be created, the action chosen is Create Note.
Create Trigger

  • In the Create Note popup, add the information related to the note.
Create Note

  • Once the configuration is complete, select Create. A trigger is configured.
Trigger Configured

  • Create a new employee with the First Name Caroline.
Create Employee

  • As the condition matches in the record, a new note is added in the Notes tab automatically.
Note Created