How to make outbound calls in the Chrome extension of the Contact Center App?

Updated on October 22, 2020 06:18AM by Admin

The Contact Center App of Apptivo allows you to make outbound calls in multiple ways. This includes Click To Dial from the webpage, Dial Pad, and Click to Dial in Call Log. The Contact Center allows call routing to both Computer and Mobile for outbound calls. Click here for more information on call routing.

Click here to install the Chrome Extension of the Contact Center App.

Steps to make outbound calls

  • Log into your Contact Center’s Chrome extension with your Apptivo account. Also, when you have more than one firm configured in your Apptivo account, the multiple firms will also be listed here. You can access your Contact Center by selecting the desired firm.
Login Page

  • You will be redirected to your home page of the Contact Center App. Here, you can see the call logs.
Home Page

Call from the dial pad

  • On clicking the dial pad icon, you can place calls to your contacts.
Dial pad

  • Once the Call icon is clicked, the related contact will display if the selected number is already available in the Contacts App.
Call Window

Click to Dial from Call Logs

  • On clicking the call icon on the Call Logs, you can easily make calls to the phone number or contact.
Call Logged

  • Once a contact is selected, you will be redirected to the call window.
Call Window

Click to dial from web page

  • The Chrome extension of the Contact Center App allows you to make calls from across your browser. The Click to call feature enables you to easily make the call by clicking the phone number from your webpages. 
  • Consider placing a call from the Contacts App.
Click to Call

  • On clicking the telephone icon, you will be redirected to the Call Window.
Click to Call

Features Available

  • Once the agent places a call, the status changes from Online to Away. On the completion of the call, the status reverts to Online.
  • Consider the agent has set the status as Away or he is speaking to another person. When a customer makes a call now, the call will not be connected to the agent and the customer will also not hear the dialer tone. Instead, the call is directly routed based on the IVR setup to voicemail or queue in the callback. Click here to know more about the callback queue feature.
Call Window

  • Here, you can mute or pause the calls. You can add notes related to your call and log the call. Also, you can record the calls when needed. Click here to know more about configuring call recordings.
  • On scrolling down, you can manage the call history of the selected contact. You can see the last five calls made with the contact.
Call History

Call Transfer

By clicking the Transfer Call icon, you can transfer the call to another phone number. A dial pad will come into view. Here, you can enter the phone number of the agent. On clicking the call icon, the call will be disconnected for the agent who answered the call and transferred to the external phone number added in the dial pad. Until the call is connected, the customer will be kept on hold with music.

Transfer Call

You can navigate to the home page by clicking the Back icon located at the top left corner of the call window. The Back icon only after the completion of the call.

Back to Home Page

The call will be logged on the home page along with the call duration.

Call Logged