How to change the CPQ layout in the Invoice App?

Updated on October 22, 2020 05:45AM by Admin

The CPQ option available in the Settings page of the Invoice app allows you to configure the column set while selecting the classes and choices. This applies while adding the Bill of Materials information in the Invoice app of Apptivo.

Steps to use the CPQ

  • Log into your Invoice App and select Settings from the app header.
Invoice App

  • On the Settings page, go to Invoice → CPQ. The Configure, Price and Quota page appears.
  • Here, you can configure the column set.

  • Select the Display dropdown. Here, you can see the list of fields present in the Items App.
  • Here, you can add new fields by selecting the checkbox.

  • The selected field is added. Here, Standard Cost.
Changes Saved

  • Consider creating an invoice in the Invoice App for a configurable item. Here, while selecting the classes and choices, the item table is displayed with the desired column set.
Search and Select

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