How to view the Bill of Materials in the iOS platform of the Estimates App?

Updated on October 9, 2020 05:40AM by Admin

The Estimates App of Apptivo allows you to prepare estimates for your items. While creating an estimate for an item, you can also manage the Bill of Materials added to the item. This information can be accessed from your iOS application of Apptivo.

Steps to view the Bill of Materials

  • In the Estimates App of Apptivo, select any view to list the associated estimates. Here, Show All.
Estimates App

  • All the estimates available in your Estimates App will be listed.

  • Select any estimate to redirect to the Overview page.

  • Here, scroll down to the Products/Items Sold table.
Item Table

  • In the View Item page, you can see the item details. Click on the View BOM option located at the bottom.
View Item

  • You will be redirected to the Bill of Materials page. Here, you can see the classes and choices of items.
View BOM