What is the difference between Remove and Opt-out in Target List?

Updated on October 3, 2020 06:25AM by Admin

The Targets App of Apptivo allows you to add contacts, leads, customers, or employees to the target lists. However, certain scenarios might require to remove a target completely or stop sending campaigns only for a certain duration. In these cases, the Remove and Opt-out option of Apptivo will help to tackle these conditions.

Remove - The Remove option in the Targets App helps to remove a target completely from your Target List. Once a target is removed, the target will not be receiving any more emails when a campaign is sent. To include the target again, you have to add the target to the target list again.

Opt-out - With the Opt-out option, the campaign will not be sent to the selected target but the target will still remain in the Target List. It is basically excluding a target from receiving emails. You can simply click the Opt-in button to include the target for the campaign.

Go to the Targets App in Apptivo and open the Target list where the contact has to be removed. Here, Discount Offer.


In the Overview page, you can see the different CRM Apps added as a tab. On clicking each CRM tab, you can see the list of records added to the Target list.

Remove Targets

  • To remove a target, choose the app tab from which the target has to be removed. Here, Contacts App.
Remove Icon

  • In the Contacts tab, scroll down to the contact that has to be removed from the Target list. Select Remove from More Actions. Here, Anna Alison.
  • You will receive a popup asking for confirmation. Select Yes.
Confirmation Message

  • You can see the contact is removed from the Target List.
Contact Removed

Opt-out Targets

  • To opt-out a target, say a contact from the target list, select the Contacts tab. Here, Derick has to be opted out from receiving emails.
Opt Out Icon

  • On clicking Opt Out, the status of the contact is updated. So, the contact will not receive any emails.
Opted Out

  • Additionally, the number of targets exempted from receiving any Campaign information will be available on the Overview page.
Opted Out Count