How to block a phone number in the Contact Center App?

Updated on September 21, 2020 12:22AM by Admin

The Contact Center app of Apptivo allows you to block a phone number or a contact completely. With this, you can easily stop the incoming communication from any phone number. This includes both calls and SMSes. However, you can give an option to send voice messages alone once blocked.

Steps to block a phone number

  • In the Contact Center app of Apptivo, select the Settings icon from the app header.
Contact Center App

  • Select Contact Center → Blacklist Numbers from the left navigation panel of the Settings page.
  • Click Add to add a new phone number.

  • In the Add Blacklist Numbers window, you can add a phone number or search a contact whose phone number is already added.
  • In the Name, you can either keep the pre-populated name or add a new name.
  • Once the number is selected, you can choose how the blocking must work.
    • Block and Allow Voicemails - This blocks all incoming calls and SMSes. Instead, the caller can leave a voice message.
    • Block all communications - This blocks all incoming calls, voice messages, and text messages.

Note: In both cases, the agents cannot send SMSes as triggers when the phone number is blacklisted.

  • If you want to block all the phone numbers in addition to the selected one for a contact, select the checkbox for Block Contact.
Add Number

  • On selecting Add, the phone number is added to the blacklist.
Number Added

  • When you initiate a call to a blocked number, you will be notified that the phone number is blocked. You can either proceed with the call or abort it.
Number Blocked
  • When you send a text message to a blocked phone number, you can view a message that the phone number is blacklisted in the SMS dashboard of the selected phone number.
  • However, you can decide whether to send a message or not. Apptivo does not restrict you.
SMS Dashboard

  • When you select Block and Allow Voicemails, the voicemail sent by the contact will be collected in the Voicemails section of the Contact Center home page.