How do I stop my users from entering past dates in the Projects App?

Updated on September 3, 2020 05:24AM by Admin

While creating projects, Apptivo allows users to add the start date and end date of your projects. You can disallow your employees from adding past dates in the projects. Let’s walk through the steps to prevent employees from adding past dates in the Start Date field using Master Layout.

Note: The Master Layout feature is available in the Premium, Ultimate, and Enterprise plans of Apptivo.

  • In the Projects App of Apptivo, select Settings from the App Header.
Projects App

  • Go to Customize App → Master Layout from the left navigation panel of the Settings page.

  • In the Master Layout page, click on the Start Date field to view the Inspector tab. The inspector tab is configured to allow users to add past dates.
Inspector Toggle

  • Enable the Disallow Past Dates toggle and save the changes.
Enabled Toggle

  • Create a new project in the Projects App, the start date field will not allow you to add past dates.
Create Project